Tips For Saving Money On Your Wedding

Tips For Saving Money On Your Wedding

Wedding Ceremony

The least expensive way to get married is to have a quick ceremony performed at your local registry office.

A registry office wedding in Wales and England will cost you £119.

You must give notice 16 days in advance at least. You need to have a minimum of two witnesses as well.

It is more expensive to have a church wedding. The fee is £413.

On The Church of England’s wedding site, it states that to marry in a church there is a required legal fee. As of 2015, the fee for marrying outside of your parish is £486.

This is set nationally by the Church of England. Depending on your individual circumstances, it might vary slightly.


Compromising on their wedding photographer is something that most people don’t want to do.

However, it still is possible to find a good photographer who doesn’t charge a fortune.

If professional photos are not that important to you, then you can simply skip them. If it is good enough to have pics from your friends’ phone cameras, then create a Flickr account, Twitter hashtag, or Website and ask your guests if they will upload their photos of your wedding day.


Booking a non-wedding can help you save money on your reception. As soon as you mention the wedding, prices start to skyrocket as venues see it as the chance to charge extra.

The least expensive is to have your reception in a home. So if you, a friend, or family member has a house or garden that will accommodate all of your guests, then that can save you the most money.

Or you can do your own catering and purchase your alcohol from a wholesaler in bulk.

Hiring a restaurant or pub is another potential option that can be quite affordable.

There are some that will even let your hire it for free – however that is usually reserved for weekdays only. If this is the option you go with, your guest will most likely need to pay a certain amount each and purchase all of their food from the restaurant or pub’s kitchen.

Local sports clubs, village halls, schools, and church halls are all great low-cost options that can be hired for a special event. Again, it is best to avoid saying it is for a wedding when you are making inquiries since you might end up being charged an extra fee for it.


There are many affordable wedding dress options that are available.

Some of the best options include shops and websites that have second-hand dresses for sale. Bridal boutiques will sometimes samples dresses and run seasonal sales. There are also wedding dress sections in some of the larger charity shops.

High Street wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular, which means there are even more options that are available now. Monsoon, TK Maxx, BHS, Debenhams, and Coast all have bridal lines – and all offer one style at least for less than £150. H&M has wedding dresses for sales for as cheap as £60. Find a dress that makes you feel good about yourself.

You can also purchase a dress from a Chinese wholesales, although some might have ethical objections. Usually, prices will start as low as £100. Just make sure to ask lots of questions and check their ratings and reviews before you send any money.


There are two large jewellery districts in the UK – London’s Hatton Garden and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Those are places where you can negotiate prices on platinum, gold, and diamonds.

Usually, the stores here will be much more economical.

Another potential option is to try second-hand. Browse eBay and check at antique shops. You might get lucky.

Here are some other ways you can save money:


If you really want to brutally cut costs you could potentially cut out reception or ceremony flowers and go to the flower market or local supermarket for your bouquet.

Or you can grow your own flowers if you have enough time.

If neither of those options sounds good to you, then you can try talking to local independent florists to see if they have any ideas on what you can do to keep your costs low.

Elegant simplicity – or less is more – can be a very cost effective approach.


If you know someone who is a good baker, or you are one yourself, then the most affordable option will be a homemade cake. Many supermarkets also offer wedding cakes.


The most expensive transport option for getting to your wedding ceremony is to hire a wedding car. Try asking a relative or friend to chauffeur for you. There is a good chance that you know somebody with a car that is either somewhat quirky or special in some way.

Or you can call a cab, or even Uber to arrive in style.


Scrap them if you are on a tight budget. Once the wine begins to flow, no one is going to notice whether or not there is a gift for them to take home with them.


You can save a lot of money by making your own invitations or asking an artistic friend for help. You could also just completely skip formal invites and simply email people.

Friends and Family can help you by consolidating all the individual sums into one easy to use plan from that will manage everything for you and help you ensure you stay within budget.

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