Do Bad Teeth Matter to My Health?


To understand whether your oral hygiene i.e. your teeth matter to your health one must understand the relationship between one‘s oral health and bodily health.

As we start, we must understand that what in the very first place can go wrong. Bacteria is the main cause of oral infections, as it settles on the teeth and makes them prone to infections. This results in inflammation of gums as the immune system tries to fight back and attack such infections. Unless the infection is under control, the gums remain inflated. And gradually this inflammation and the chemicals that are released during this process eat up the gums and even affects the bone structure, the one that helps to hold the teeth in place. It not only causes severe gum problems but also causes bodily problems. Tooth whitening Hampshire

Some of these problems are stated underneath:

  • Oral health and Heart: It is still controversial but heart diseases and oral problems go hand in hand. Studies have suggested that approximately 90 per cent patients who suffer from heart diseases have gum diseases on the other hand approximately only 65 per cent patients who have oral problems do not have heart problems. However, periodontitis, an oral problem, is said to play a direct role in giving rise to risk of heart diseases.
  • Oral health and Diabetes: As discussed earlier bacterial infection causes inflammation and such often weakens the body’s capability to control blood sugar. These oral diseases often impair the ability of human body to utilize insulin. It is two way process, simply speaking high blood sugar is a condition that is ideal for such infections to grow. But one of the best things is that you can keep them in normal limits by controlling any one disease. As controlling one would automatically result in bringing the other one under control.
  • Oral health and Bones problems: There are basically two theories, one, that gum infections and bone problems are inter-related. As we all know that both periodontitis and osteoporosis one of the major gum and bone problem respectively. However, the former results in damage of the jaw bones and the latter affects the bones in the limbs. The second approach negates the connection between the two, it states that however, periodontitis is common in men and osteoporosis on the other hand in women. Another approach is that that periodontitis or the inflammation caused by it triggers the weakening of the bones in the other body parts as well.
  • Oral health and Smoking: Smoking is one of the major reason for oral problems as well as bodily problems. And such bodily problems start from the mouth only. Smoking increases the risk of gum diseases about three times more than that of non-smokers. Nicotine that is found in cigarettes causes shrinking of blood vessels and it basically affects the capability of the gums to fight with different infections.
  • Some other conditions: Some other conditions such as obesity, lung problems and arthritis are some new problems that are being related to oral health.


The bottom line is that mouth and body are not distinct. So one affects the other, if you take care of your teeth, oral hygiene by default your body will remain healthy. It is suggested that you should go for regular dental checkups, clean up, flossing once a day and brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

9 months ago