What Is Lipofreeze? How Many Treatments Will Be Needed

By the way, it preserves as much as possible the brain which must continue to turn in priority. Any other activity then becomes secondary. To feed the brain that defaults to sugar, it then converts muscle proteins into sugar.

Whether to survive or to feed the brain, we note in all studies that the prolonged restriction increases the creation of glucose from the body’s proteins … and therefore the use of muscles.

Beyond the reduction of metabolism (which makes losing weight more and more difficult), losing muscle is also not good for a good physical appearance. The muscles gives definition.

Even if you’re lighter, you’re not necessarily more beautiful in the ice … and when you eat again, you’ll gain weight very easily because of the slow metabolism.

To lose fat first, you must first avoid losing muscle.

The impact of diet on our hormones
If you’re used to reading me for LipoFreeze2u High Wycombe, you know that weight loss is a question of hormones. Depending on what you eat, the production of these hormones will be affected.

For example, too many sugars and starches will push the body to produce insulin, which keeps us in a state of permanent storage … not conducive to destocking.

A good option to help is to reduce the consumption of sugars and starchy foods, as well as limit the glycemic index of your diet.

Conversely, a higher fat diet increases body fat consumption during exercise. In another study by Dr. Bray ( see study ), it only takes a few days to eat less sweet and fatter so that the body spends more fat during the effort.

Finally, in the case of a too important restriction, the hormones are also impacted.

We have hormones that allow muscle gain, other weight loss. A good hormonal balance is therefore essential for healthy and lasting weight loss. What happens if you diet too drastically (in addition to losing muscle, so):

– reduction of testosterone levels : in addition reduce your ability to repair and build muscle, you lose energy and ability to reproduce (not a good sign)
– inhibition of growth hormone , one of the hormones slimming them more important
– weakness of the thyroid , which makes the use of fats more difficult
– permanently high cortisol (chronic stress), resulting in muscle loss and fat storage

As you can see, these hormonal changes will literally turn you into a fat-storing machine, especially when you eat normally.

We want to create the opposite effect on our hormones.

How to force fat loss?
As you can see, the ideal situation is therefore to limit the production of “magnifying” hormones, but without completely killing our metabolism with a drastic diet.

Scientists have been measuring the use of our reserves for years.

The answer is very simple: the more gentle the exercise, the more you use fat as a source of energy. Conversely, the more intense this activity is, the more sugar you need.

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