Radiofrequency as a beauty treatment



The field of aesthetics continues to advance in leaps and bounds. Currently the methods and techniques used to achieve a healthy body vary, are adapted according to the need and requirement of each person. Before taking into account surgery, there are alternatives that are trends in the field of health and body improvement. A beauty treatment must restore, preserve the skin to improve the functioning of the body and optimize its appearance. HIFU Wellingborough




Reduction of cellulite with the bipolar technique 


In the field of radiofrequency


There is a very peculiar way of treating conditions related to fluid retention. Main cause in the appearance of holes in the buttocks and part of the lower thighs, the solution is to improve lymphatic drainage. The accumulation of skin and excess fat can be remedied through bipolar treatment. Special to treat this type of cases because it focuses on heating the skin to the point that the toxins (dead cells) begin to be eliminated by the stimulation of the “fibroblasts”, thus favoring the creation of living cells that regenerate the tissue automatically.


The type of beauty treatmentmust be related to the condition, offer the best alternative. Radiofrequency electromagnetic waves offer remarkable results. The possibility of firming sagging skin is a fact. The stimulation in areas of “dead skin”, for example, the tissue that remains under the arms, can be diminished if certain nerve endings are stimulated to mold. The abdomen is another area that makes it more difficult to reduce and eliminate body fat, with this process the muscles are reaffirmed and toned without surgical interventions.


Facial rejuvenation through electromagnetic waves


The centers incorporate the modality of high frequency electromagnetic waves as a beauty treatment thanks to the benefits that their therapies and sessions offer to the quality of the skin and the body. The results can be enumerated and the advantages are easily appreciated with the repetition of posters offering the service in aesthetic and local clinics to the service of the corporal health.


This new technique favors the reduction of wrinkles, improves the elasticity of the skin, reduces jowls, bags under the eyes, dark circles, and reduces scars and marks. One of the most important uses in this beauty treatment is the radio frequency, facial, body, abdominal and indiba that improves the face.


You should take these two antibiotic plant for better health 




The intense aroma is due to its components that fight against natural predators, the boldo has nematicide in essential oils that is to say it is natural antiparasitic, it is also capable of eliminating malaria. The extract that the plant has is that it is effective for Candida in case of vaginitis in gastritis, pseudomonas, staphylococcus, and in other respiratory diseases.

Natural antibiotics




Garlic family with very similar composition is part of the antibiotic plants, is rich in flavoring, sulfur, acids and quercetin some of the essential substance to perform natural remedies as it fights respiratory processes such as pharyngitis, bronchitis. The purple onion is used for its expectorant and anti-inflammatory power.


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