I have yellow teeth and strggling to smile freely

I have yellow teeth and strggling to smile freely

Who does not want to have a bright smile? It gives a great look and projects an image of self-confidence. But some foods such as tobacco, red wine, blackberries and coffee change the color of teeth, which lose their luster. In addition, with age, the teeth become darker.

Although the color of the teeth varies from very pale gray to darker yellow, there are some teeth whitening options that can give your smile purity and shine after treatment.

Whitening teeth!

It should be noted that teeth whitening can only be performed on the enamel of natural and healthy teeth. The treatment will have no effect on veneers, composite fillings, crowns or bridges.


Price from a specialist

There are several places specifically dedicated to the practice of teeth whitening. If you want to use this method to have a brighter smile, you can for example approach a specialist in dental surgery. And here, the choice between the proposed techniques also varies, hence a wide variety of the cost of this practice. However, in general, entrusting your teeth to a dentist to make them whiter is more expensive.


Nevertheless, this option guarantees you more security and impeccable results, insofar as you call on a specialist in the field. In the majority of cases, the results obtained are guaranteed for 6 months on average. In addition, good results result only from the succession of several sessions: it would then be necessary to provide the necessary budget before choosing this option. What can be expensive: a session costs between 400 euros to 800 euros on average.



Professionals working in the some Dental Centers offer you the opportunity to whiten your smile with a whitening product.

With proper care and regular visits, your smile will last for years.

It is a treatment that will allow you to find a bright smile. It is offered in two options:

Chair treatment

The chair treatment takes place in the office of the professional working at some Dental Centers. Simple and fast, the whitening is completed in a session of just over an hour.

The whitening agent is applied to the teeth, which is then activated with a light.

Subsequently, some home whitening applications will maximize the whitening effect of the treatment.

Treatment at home

Bleaching can also be done at home. The treatment involves wearing gutters previously filled with a whitening gel. The application of the product can be done day or night, depending on your lifestyle. Your professional can help you choose the formula that suits you best.

The day treatment consists of two 30-minute applications, morning and evening.

The formula of night consists of an application of 4 hours minimum at bedtime.

In both cases, the result will be brilliant.



It may happen that your smile needs retouch periodically. Professionals working at some Dental Centers will be able to offer you the necessary touch-ups to preserve their radiance.

A word on laser whitening

Many people talk about laser whitening. In fact, it is a bad terminology: the laser is confused with the light that activates the whitening product when the treatment is done to the chair


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